The Middle Managers Development Programme

I’m now on a path to scheduling my priorities each week. This will help me with having more time to manage my direct reports, and allow me to think about what I’ve learned on the MMDP course. Overall, I really enjoyed and found extremely useful the content of the course, and I’d like to thank Brian for being an outstanding tutor.

Designed to address the highest-priority needs

The borough of Brent in North West London is the second most culturally diverse borough in the UK. The Middle Managers Development Programme (MMDP) was Commissioned by their Chief Executive, with the aim of enabling Brent’s middle managers to develop the knowledge, leadership skills, and confidence to progress to more senior roles within the council.

Following a thorough diagnostic, which consulted senior leaders, samples of potential participants and their line managers, the programme was launched in 2017. It was well-received and successful, and a new cohort was commissioned every year afterward. The fifth cohort completed in the Summer of 2022.

The MMDP programme content includes a launch module, a Facet5 personality profile psychometric, and a Truth-Teller 36o degree tool with specific leadership behaviours based on Brent's values of fairness, respect, equality, and excellence.

The programme encompassed five leadership development modules, a repeat Truth-Teller towards the end of the programme, followed by a sustaining event and group action learning sets. Initially facilitated by t-three,  thereafter this was facilitated by trained participants. All are designed to address the highest-priority needs pinpointed by the diagnostic process.

The Outcome

Over 50% of the MMDP participants have been promoted to senior levels within the council. Every year, we have reviewed the content of the MMDP for effectiveness and streamlined and improved it, adding tools and techniques that reflect the participants' current working context. This has shown in the very high scores in the evaluation process throughout and for the latest group, cohort 5.

100% agreed they are more aware of their strengths, and how to manage their potential risks. 100% agreed attending the programme was well worth their time and effort and they would recommend this programme to others.

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