Developing a consistent approach to management.

{NCP} are now significantly more self-aware and open to other's views and challenges. They've...improved performance at an individual, team and organisational level.

A 90 year heritage and visionary founders

NCP is an organisation with long-standing success, however they lacked a consistent, sustained approach to management development across the business. We worked in partnership with them to develop managers, change mindsets and improve performance across the organisation. 

Alongside NCP we created engaging communications to launch the programme, after a detailed diagnostics phase.

We used all of this information to tailor the content, as well as ensuring it was fully accessible for both full and part time employees. Crucially, departments were intermingled, giving colleagues an unprecedented opportunity to network, learn and forge new relationships.

Over the course of 18 months we ran 62 sessions of 6 modules, bringing 446 colleagues together in live settings where they could apply tools and theories with immediate effect, receiving feedback in this supportive environment. Video learning footage and key learning points were made available on a supporting app, tailored to each cohort.

The Results

87% of NCP colleagues felt more confident and better able to manage their workload and personal development.

92% believe there will be a measurable benefit if NCP continue to provide an MDP to new and junior managers.

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