Delivering transformation through exceptional customer service

The national airline of Ireland, Aer Lingus aims to be the leading value carrier across the North Atlantic. Keen to maintain their status as the highest rated airline in Ireland, Aer Lingus wanted to upskill their employees, increase consistency and continue to be as competitive as possible on price and service.

Diagnosis, design and delivery

The team at t-three embarked on a three stage discovery phase to understand Aer Lingus' vision, and how to help them achieve it. The process included one to one interviews with the management team, as well as interactive focus groups with live polling. They also scrutinised existing employee data and Skytrax results.

Following this, we worked closely with Aer Lingus to design a three tier 'Ascend' programme to take the already excellent airline to outstanding levels of customer satisfaction. The programme was segmented by role type with highly relevant, experiential interventions tailored specifically to each group of staff and the new, desired behaviours they should exhibit.

The Results

'Ascend' has the highest ever staff rating for service training programmes at Aer Lingus.

Following the programme, improvement in Net Promoter score represented a record high for Aer Lingus - 3x higher than that of other major airlines that they compete with. Furthermore, their operating profit increased by €36 million in 2017.

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