Delivering feedback to senior leadership teams

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Customising feedback and experience

The BBC were looking to create a customised 360 degree feedback assessment which would give senior leaders a clear understanding of their strengths. Leaders also wanted to outline their development needs against the BBC Leadership Imperatives, and achieve an understanding of the behaviours required to increase their effectiveness into the future.

Through forming a close working relationship with the BBC and understanding the needs of its senior leaders, t-three designed and delivered the following:

 - A customised BBC 360 degree feedback questionnaire based on the Leadership Imperatives.

- A customised online 360 degree feedback system and BBC branded reports.

- One-to-one 360 degree report feedback and coaching for senior leaders.

- A train the trainer 360 degree report feedback skills transfer programme for BBC in-house coaches.

Creating informed, sustained change

Senior leaders at the BBC reflected positively on the feedback they received, as well as the overall experience. Testament to the success of this programme, we continued to roll out the 360 degree feedback programme to the middle management population.

Participants who had used other feedback tools in the past found our 360 process a vast improvement. Managers praised the stimulating nature of the process, noting that the feedback was immediately actionable, helping them to align to the BBC Leadership Imperatives.

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