Award winning development programmes

Between 2019 and 2020 both the Trainee Manager and Leading @ Sainsbury's programmes have won awards within the L&D industry.

Winning accolades two years in a row

Leading @ Sainsbury's was named Best Learning Initiative and Highly Commended in the Best Large Organisation category at the Business Culture Awards, whereas the Trainee Manager programme won Best Next Generation Initiative at the Business Culture Awards and Best Leadership Development Programme at the Training Journal Awards.

The reason our co-designed programmes were so successful at the awards was because we were able to prove the value that they brought to the Sainsbury's organisation, and to the colleagues themselves. 

For the Leading @ Sainsbury's programme we were able to show a reduction in recruitment spend across the organisation, that 80% of goals set as part of the programme were achieved, and that more colleagues were able to move into higher grade roles.

For the Trainee Manager programme, we were able to show that an innovative and effective strategy had been deployed, maximising the talent opportunity offered by the next generation of the Sainsbury's workforce. The programme needed to show good problem-solving skills, horizon scanning and forward thinking, as well as clear evidence of success.

Judges' comments

"This is brilliant. I am so impressed by this initiative on so many levels: the levelled approach to learning, the blended solutions, and the KPI impact. I think this acts as a blueprint for how to go about delivering a learning intervention which has a demonstrable impact on an organisation's success."

"The one thing that struck that a participant said that this programme made them not just a better leader, but a better person. The increase in NPS is also impressive, but the impact this is programme seemed to have on participants was moving."

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