A proven case for experiential learning - delivered virtually

5 times a year for the past 15 years Eli Lilly have brought together 20 high potential leaders from far flung corners of the world to take part in a week long experiential learning event in the UK.

The challenge and delivery

With all of the restrictions around social distancing imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, Eli Lilly were keen to explore new ideas and to continue to find a way to develop their people, and together with t-three they have sparked a truly extraordinary alternative.

Eli Lilly have a true commitment to identify and develop talent, articulated within their 'Lilly expectations,' and it was important that the new, virtual intervention delivered on this. The challenge they faced was to take a long established, highly regarded experiential event and transform it into one that ran entirely virtually.

We developed a programme that targeted significant progression in leadership, real leaps in awareness, and the realisation and adoption of new behaviours. With 3 events now completed, reaching 60 leaders from 14 countries we now have the results - and it's safe to say the experience of these leaders has been unprecedented.

Some of the initial statistics...

100%  - Provided insight into my leadership and me

100% - Felt like this was a safe space to learn

Some of the comments shared with us by the participants help to show the value that the learning provided for them:

"Fantastic atmosphere - fostered in a virtual setting."

"To be able to interact and achieve together with Lilly people all over the world."

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