Leadership Development Programme

An international leadership development programmeTwinings

Twinings are one of the world's best loved tea and beverage companies. As an employer, they are committed to empowering their people to grow, learn and develop. We spoke to Steven Napier, International HR Director at Twinings Ovaltine.

What did you choose to work with t-three?

"The first thing we liked about t-three was their use of technology. We have a group of leadership delegates from Australia to the US and everywhere in between. The use of technology is important because it allows us to prepare the delegates before the programme and stay connected after the event.

t-three were also very flexible in terms of design, and we very much felt that it wasn't a case of them rolling out a vanilla version of what it is they do for us. They have very much designed what was right for our business. And they have a great amount of expertise, having done it with a lot of other businesses over the years."

How have t-three ensured learning is sustained?

"We have run action learning groups...Delegates use the power of these groups to be able to work on their ongoing leadership challenges. These groups are very much focused on getting people to continue to support each other and to continue to focus on their development objectives."

What has the response been to the programme so far?

"It's still early days and ultimately we won't see the product of this for a while yet. Bust as I go around the business, I make a point of talking to the delegates that took part in the programmes. People say that it has been a valuable experience for them on their leadership journey. So far, it is certainly having the impact I hoped it would."