We don’t train leaders, we transform them.

Our core passion is transforming leaders

We develop the skills and behaviours that leaders need to lead effectively: to innovate, drive change and deliver results.

The demands on today’s leaders

The reality is we’ve never lived in more uncertain and volatile times. The sands are shifting faster than we can re-place our feet and what was once a stable foundation on which to build is quickly becoming anything but. Leaders today have a very tough job to do. They need to apply adaptive and innovative thinking to new situations, every single day.

We design programmes for you — with you

We believe that in today’s workplace, developing leaders is not just about increasing what you know, but transforming what you do and the culture within which you work. We’ll work alongside you to create a unique programme which targets your organisational goals. Each intervention is designed to offer highly pragmatic solutions developed from cutting edge research and qualified, first-hand experience.

We excel in experiential learning

You won’t find a boardroom table, flipcharts or a stack of Post-it notes in your t-three programme of development. What you’ll find is a set of hands-on, immersive learning sessions designed to deliver lasting impact. You get to hear the theory, understand it, and explore it. We help you to apply it with a series of very practical tools and techniques which will have immediate impact in your workplace.

Our interventions are designed for leaders

This approach provides a practical and highly engaging way of helping leaders achieve sustainable skill and behavioural change in themselves and others. Our interventions ensure that leaders focus on their own specific and complex development areas. The outcome is a deeper and more sustainable development which delivers the targeted results for your organisation.

How we go about delivering results

Provoking tools

Our unique diagnostic tools, including Facet5 and Truth Teller, help leaders to build a strong level of self-awareness around their current behaviours and understand how to change them.

Innovative Delivery

Today's leaders are demanding fresh, innovative, personalised learning experiences. Our innovative delivery methods include leadership labs and flipped workshops.

Making it Real events

These are designed to simulate the pressures of your workplace. They give leaders the chance to try out new behaviours and practice the approaches they have learned in an environment that is as close to the real thing as possible. 86% of participants said it was the most powerful learning experience of their careers to date.

Change does not occur in a workshop

Sustained change does not magically occur in a workshop — which is why all of our programmes are reinforced and supported by sustaining mechanisms such as client-branded mobile apps and online hangout communities. These accessible tools embed skills and behaviours, whilst supporting leaders with the challenges they face.

In T-three we grow businesses by transforming people, understanding their personality, and boosting their performance

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