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We love understanding and transforming individuals

We grow businesses by transforming people, understanding their personality, and boosting their performance.

What is Facet5?

Facet5 is one of the most modern and advanced measures of human personality available. It’s a tool that can be applied in people development, recruitment, team building and culture change.

This leading edge online profiling tool gives individuals a personal profile, a comprehensive report that explores behaviours, and composite, actionable data.

What does it do?

Facet5 helps individuals, at all levels of the organisation, to understand their strengths, values, motivations and their preferred way of working. It help them understand their leadership style and how they impact others as well as how to build relationships to aid improve performance.

Become Facet5 accredited

Why not join us at one of our Facet5 accreditation courses? We’ll equip organisations to competently and confidently feedback Facet5 reports, develop individuals, and boost overall business performance.


What are the main features?

Facet5 is an invaluable toolbox that:

Provokes people to be the best version of themselves.


Helps individuals to understand who they really are.


Works quickly and is highly reliable.


Delivers clear results that are easy to understand and interpret.

Facet5 sample report.

Take a look at what Facet5 looks like.
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