Facet5 Superskills™

We look at the quality of conversations through the lens of personality.

Performance is improved one conversation at a time

Conversations are based on a distinct set of skills and attitudes, but they can all be learned. We provoke individuals to engage in effective workplace conversations.

What is Facet5 Superskills™?

Facet5 Superskills is part of the Facet5 product suite. It’s our innovative approach to understanding how any organisation ‘talks’. Organisations don’t change, people do. Typically, one at a time. That’s why we look at the way individuals talk through the lens of their personality.

Improving the quality of conversations

We’re not just here to tell you what’s wrong. We’re here to transform your organisation. We work with participants to develop their skills through deeper self-awareness, feedback, training, and practice. We explore three areas: strengths in each Super-Skill, areas for development, and areas to manage.

Actionable takeaways

Facet5 Superskills delivers an insightful and actionable report. And it’s all driven by data. Building on the personality elements identified by Facet5, this report is the first step in building a balanced set of Super-Skills™ for individuals at every level of the organisation. 


The report is used in conjunction with a one-day workshop, which can be delivered by t-three, or alternatively we can train your team to deliver the workshop in-house. Click below to download a brief outline of the Superskills™ workshop.

What are the main features?

The innovative tool measures individuals against the Super-Skills of Effective Conversation™:

Presence: knowing how people can ‘be there’ in a conversation.


Hyper-awareness: understanding what drives people in a conversation.


Decoding: knowing how to draw out what other people are really saying.


Voicing: learning how to say what needs to be said.


Flow control: controlling a conversation so it has a beginning, middle, and end.

In T-three we grow businesses by transforming people, understanding their personality, and boosting their performance


Take a look at what Facet5 Superskills looks like.