Talent Teller

Rapidly shortlist the best candidates from hundreds of applicants.

What is Talent Teller?

Talent Teller is a unique online screening tool – it works by replicating elements of a working day and mimicking real scenarios to assess candidates against your values. It enables you to screen hundreds of candidates quickly and create a targeted shortlist.

What we measure

Rather than focusing solely on measuring reasoning ability, priority is given to what really matters to your organisation. This includes assessing values, skills, attitudes, knowledge, potential and the ability to deal with complexity and ambiguity.

Your employer brand

Because Talent Teller is created to replicate elements of a working day in your business, candidates get a real insight into the role and what it feels like to work for you.

Quick and effective

There are four stages to creating your personalised screening resource:

Week one:

Our occupational psychologists spend time with you to understand the role and gain clarity around what a good candidate would look like.


Week two:

Our team design and create bespoke, life-like scenarios against which to assess your candidates.


Week three:

We review and refine with you.


Week four:

Using the Talent Teller platform we create your online assessment tool, uploading your questions, scenarios, videos, scoring and fully branding it for your business.

The Talent Detective

Transform your approach to talent detection, selection, and retention.