Talent Assessment Programme

Provoking people to fulfil their potential

In the pursuit of global excellence, Samsung Europe is continuously looking for dynamic new leaders. Samsung is passionate about its people as they help to make the business a market leader and innovator, driving technology and solutions. t-three have been working with Samsung, ensuring the right people are in the right place and reaching their full potential.

Using Facet5 as a development tool

Samsung Electronics has been using Facet5 in Europe for over 2 years to develop its people and ensure they are achieving their full potential. Samsung’s current and prospective leaders are offered Facet5 at the start of their journey, which allows them to explore their personality, work preferences and strengths. This all increases self-awareness.

  • Samsung now has over 50 employees across Europe who are accredited to deliver Facet5 feedback.
  • By increasing their self-awareness, Samsung employees can see how they measure up to the organisation’s hallmarks of creativity, collaboration and excellence.
  • Facet5 Audition is used during the recruitment process to ensure best fit for their culture as well as the specific role.
  • Samsung are able to provide Facet5 feedback to unsuccessful candidates, to ensure their recruitment experience is always a positive one.

Leading authentically through feedback

All participants receive their 1:1 feedback from an accredited Facet5 practitioner back in their subsidiary before attending one of 3 talent programmes in the UK. Once on the programme, the insights from their Facet5 profile are explored via a variety of exercises and peer-to-peer coaching.

This helps each individual to understand their leadership style and how to lead authentically, as well as their personal impact on the business and how this can be fed into building their personal leadership brand.