Talent Assessment

Helping you to pinpoint the best talent.

Great performance comes from great people

We offer a portfolio of assessments tailored to your business, helping you identify and develop the right people for the right jobs.

How we deliver our assessments

We pride ourselves on developing assessments which translate cutting-edge science into highly engaging exercises and challenges. Each assessment is designed to recreate your work environment in order to provide a realistic context. We assess candidates’ potential by measuring four elements of performance.


Does the individual demonstrate the technical competence and expertise in the skills needed for the position?


What are their preferred ways of working, how adaptable are they, and how do they perform under pressure?


Does the individual demonstrate the levels of engagement, aptitude, attitude, and mindset to fit with your culture?


Do they demonstrate the interpersonal skills to manage themselves and lead effectively in your business?

What our assessment portfolio looks like

We offer a whole suite of t-three tools to identify talent. From online profiling tools such as Talent Teller, to succession assessment centres that help to future-proof your business, we’ll make sure you can identify the right people to drive your business forward.

The Little Book For…
Talent Detective

Transform your approach to talent detection, selection, and retention.

Pinpointing the best talent.

Our unique assessment tool makes finding talent smarter, quicker, and more effective.