Leadership & Management Development Programme

Overcoming differences in management styles and attitudes


Built on the values of heritage, countryside, family and adventure, this UK based company encourages their 1400 strong workforce to embrace their values with verve and vivacity. 

Founded by Tom Joule nearly 30 years ago, Joules has grown rapidly with more than 100 stores worldwide, and a hugely successful online offering. The company recognised that to support and sustain this growth they needed to equip their leaders with the right skills. Keen to get their L&D offer absolutely right for their people - who were already massively positive and passionate about the business and their role in it - Joules sought t-three's assistance, initially with 360 degree feedback. 

The exercise was the start of a highly productive partnership. Beginning with coaching, developing into an in-depth diagnostic audit and ultimately segueing seamlessly into a unique leadership and management development programme co-designed with and for the team at Joules. 

Delivering insight into personalities and behaviours

Using Facet5, our unique online personality profiling tool, we were able to provide Joules’ employees with an unprecedented insight into their own and their colleagues’ personalities and behaviours.

We also designed the following modules, each with its own tools and strategies:

  • Module One – What it means to be a leader
  • Module Two - What makes a high-performing team
  • Module Three – How to build and inspire your team
  • Module Four - How to deal effectively with change


Combined with 1:1 coaching, the comprehensive Facet 5 reports meant that individuals achieved better self-awareness, recognised how their actions impacted others and learned how to adapt accordingly. This helped to refine the leadership and management development programme so each leader could get the best from the session.


t-three were great to work with. Always professional, approachable and personable, they made everything seem effortless and seamless; at an organisational level they responded well to Joules’ relaxed, informal values.

James Cockbill, Learning & Development Manager, Joules

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