Employing over 9,500 employees BMI Healthcare is an independent provider of private healthcare; handling over 1.5 million outpatient visits per year BMI Healthcare offer treatments to private, medically insured and NHS patients.

Through a competitive bid process t-three were awarded a contract to work with BMI to ‘design and deliver a leadership development programme aimed at increasing the capability of BMI Healthcare leaders to be impactful communicators.’

After a detailed diagnostic process, we designed an innovative ‘Leadership Moments’ programme which provided leaders at BMI with a unique combination of personalised development alongside shared learning with peers from across the business.

Each of the 184 senior leaders started the programme by receiving direct feedback from colleagues through our unique ‘truth teller’ methodology. Subsequently each participant then received two one-to-one groundhog coaching sessions in which they explored their truth teller feedback data and their current behaviours around critical incidents. Each leader left the first session with a committed personal plan around the vital few areas of improvement which they would take into the following residential Leadership Moments workshop.

Five months after the programme...

89% had used the learning to do things differently  

92% felt that what they had learned on the programme had helped them to improve their performance as a leader  

75% of participants were found to be sharing the tools they learnt with their immediate team  

78% strongly agreed that the programme increased their confidence as a leader  

71% agreed that the programme had delivered the targeted change in culture  

Participant Feedback...


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