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The Work Life Motivation Workshop is designed to provide participants with an understanding of the factors which most influence Work Life Motivation and to provide them with ways of improving Work Life Motivation in their teams.

When delivered in conjunction with the Work Life Motivation Team Diagnostic it provides leaders at all levels with a clear insight into what factors are most impacting on individual and team motivation and provides them with practical ways to make improvements which can be measured through increased:

Drawing on extensive research brought to life through examples and case studies this interactive workshop uses feedback from colleagues to help participants understand their strengths and areas for development. The informal, facilitative approach is complemented by a comprehensive workbook providing background material, models and tools which enable managers and leaders at all levels of the organisation to understand the impact they have on motivation and how to make real improvements through small changes to the way they think and work.

Click here for an introduction to Work Life Motivation.


One full day (9am to 5pm) including breaks.


Participants will learn the leadership attributes essential for building high levels of engagement; inspiring trust, building strong relationships and giving staff a sense of pride in what they do all of which contribute to making the workplace a great place to work.


Delegates will collect feedback from colleagues through the online Work Life Motivation Diagnostic.

Group Size

Ideally from 8 to 12.


The workshop covers all the key influences on Work Life Motivation:

  • Inspiring trust
  • Building strong relationships
  • Creating a sense of purpose and pride
Workshop Modules