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Diagnostic Tool

The Work Life Motivation Team Diagnostic provides leaders at all levels with a clear insight into what factors are most impacting on individual and team motivation; providing practical ways to make measurable improvements.

By measuring the influences that most affect Work Life Motivation, development plans can be created at individual and team levels to improve performance right across the organisation.

The Work Life Motivation team diagnostic measures individual perception across five dimensions:



Research has shown that in organisations with high levels of trust things can happen up to 60% faster and with significantly lower costs. Trust also stimulates greater creativity and collaboration.



Strong relationships form the “glue” that binds people together through difficult challenges or periods of change. Studies have shown that one of the best predictors of a team’s success is how the team members feel about each other.

Pride and Purpose


A recent study into what motivates people in the workplace suggests that the ability to make progress in meaningful work can be hugely motivating. Employees who are proud of what they do, feel valued and who have a sense of achievement perform better and have a stronger sense of commitment.

Support For My Work


For people to achieve great results their work needs to be properly supported by their manager and the organisation. Failure to provide that support creates blockages and constraints which slow things down, reducing motivation and inhibiting progress.

Support For Me


Respect, encouragement and emotional support create happier employees and happiness has been consistently shown to contribute to success in all areas of life. The positive emotions associated with happiness are infectious; they spread throughout the workplace generating high levels of creativity and commitment.

How the diagnostic works

The Work Life Motivation Team Diagnostic is unique in measuring how aware team leaders are of the impact they have on the people they work with. As well as being asked about factors affecting their own work life motivation, team leaders are asked to predict how their team members think and feel about their own working environment.

Once completed each participant will receive their personal Work Life Motivation Diagnostic report which highlights how their team has scored across the five Work Life Motivation dimensions and the key areas they need to focus on at an individual and team level to improve levels of Work Life Motivation.

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