We were excited to be asked by an iconic British sports car brand to develop a team immersion intervention.

The development of their new sports car had been operational for nearly a year and had required several functional teams to come together over an intensive 9 month period to work on the design, development and launch of the car.

The objectives of the team immersion day was to successfully begin the process of building greater connectivity between team members, by helping them understand their own work style and preferences, as well as their colleagues’.

The day supported discussions about how to maximise individual contributions to the immediate and the collective team, and how to manage stress points. It helped individual teams and the project group as a whole identify how best to work together and the vital behaviours that were critical to support high performance. The day was designed to be fast-paced and high-level, to set the tone for the challenges ahead and to offer insight into how, as individuals, their own behaviours might support or hinder the project’s success.

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