t-three worked alongside the world's premier online luxury fashion retailer to deliver a programme of short-courses on various topics. As an organisation, they have successfully established themselves as a luxury brand and (like us) share a goal of excellence, innovation and integrity underpinning all that they do.

We have designed, and continue to deliver, a range of programmes to this enviable pool of talented people. We support them to continue their growth and expansion with 2 hour, fast-paced, practical workshops delivered face-to-face on key topics. Due to this organisation’s obsession with quality and service, they don't outsource which means they have an enormously diverse and complex business.

Where else would you find Java Developers working next to Womenswear Buyers? So, on our sessions, we deliver to a diverse group of people whose roles may lie within fashion, the creative arts, technology or logistics. Our sessions have been enormously popular with them all and have helped them cope with the mix of challenges given to them.

As they have over 1000 employees in London and New York, plus dealing with international labels via worldwide express delivery, ‘Leading Remote Teams’ has proved a very relevant topic. We are helping their leaders to adjust their management style and approach when dealing with remote workers. Managing remote teams brings special challenges. "Inputs" are often difficult to observe and "Outputs" do not tell the whole story - especially in the short term. The participants have learnt that planned communication and building trust is the key. Choosing the right technology for their management task can also make the physical separation less of a barrier. This particular training course is providing them with the practical techniques and methods to effectively motivate and manage their virtual and remote teams with success.

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