Dr Zara Whysall, Research & Impact Director at Kiddy & Partners April 26 2023

Which is the right online tool for me?

In this blog, we've laid out the options side by side, so that you can compare which one of these proven online tools might help your organisation get to where it needs to go...

With the plethora of products available on the market, it can be hard to pinpoint exactly which one will have the most impact on your team or as part of your wider learning and development programme. We know that for you to invest your time and money in a solution you need it to deliver real change for participants and demonstrable effects for your leadership teams.

Over the past few months, we’ve shared insights on all of the online tools we have developed, but here you can compare all of the options side by side. You can click through on any of the options to learn more.

Customised 360 degree feedback - Our customised 360 degree feedback option enables us to develop a bespoke online 360 degree platform and reports which are completely tailored to you; incorporating your targeted competencies, brand and tone of voice.

Future of Leadership 360 – Kiddy & Partner’s 360 is built to provide insight into our unique and progressive future-focused leadership model. This model has been designed to provide leaders with the critical insight needed to successfully navigate the ambiguous, complex and uncertain environment they currently face. Developed by our occupational psychologists, the questionnaire is built upon the three critical priorities for the future of leadership; People, Agility and People.

Truth-TellerTruth-Teller is a 360-degree feedback product designed to support individuals to give and receive truthful, candid feedback to one another in a process that feels safe for all parties involved. Importantly, this feedback product we have developed provides transparency ( it is non-anonymous) which sparks ongoing feedback conversations in the organisation, leading to genuine feedback that promotes self-awareness and continuous personal growth.

Goal Mentor – The science tells us that it takes around 6 to 8 repetitions of a new behaviour to lay down new neural wiring, and up to 91 days before a new behaviour becomes a comfortable and automatic habit. We also know that publicly sharing our goals raises our chance of success by around 65%. However, when we share our goals with nominated individuals, the chance of our success is boosted to 95%. Pulling upon what we know about the brain and behaviour change, we set out to develop a way to support individuals to achieve and sustain behavioural goals that they are motivated to work on as a result of a development intervention.

Connect to – ‘Connect to...’ is a beautifully simple and highly effective tool designed to collect with colleagues en masse across your business. The tool can be developed to allow colleagues to engage and start to think about how well they are personally connecting to behaviours which are important to your organisation. This could be pretty much anything you want to shine a light on, for instance, how well alignment to organisational values, reactions to a leadership framework, to their organisation's strategy, or even to their own team. The key element here is that employees are not just entering a conversation but doing so by assessing their own stance or alignment.

Facet5 - Facet5 provides meaningful insights that transcend beyond the initial profile. We offer a common framework and language to aid decision making – at every stage of a person’s journey through an organisation. Facet5 data, captured only once, can be interpreted in multiple ways to inform and guide a whole range of workplace scenarios. Having such flexibility in how you apply the data means that a consistent approach can be adopted across the entire organisation and therefore really help to promote depth of awareness and understanding.

Finally, perhaps the key element with each of these products is that they are backed by our research, and our consultancy. When you work with t-three or Kiddy & Partners, there are a team of experts at your disposal who can ensure that any products you invest in are tailored to your organisation's situation so that they can provide maximum impact for you.


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