Emily Marsh August 6 2019

Facet5 SpotLight: actionable personality insights for people development

The Facet5 SpotLight report provides actionable personality insights to enhance people development. It provides individuals with the strengths and risks of their personality profile as well as the frustrations and challenges associated with their individual style so that they can identify development areas and convert them into practical plans.

ENTP, ISFJ... Red, Green, Blue, Yellow… What does it all mean?

Personality tests don’t have to be cryptic.

The language used in Facet5 personality profiling has been deliberately selected so that it is easily relatable. We understand what it means to be high Energy or low Energy, high Control or low Control, and what it means to be high or low on the Emotionality scale.

The whole point of personality profiling in the workplace is to help people better understand their own behaviours, so that they can be the best version of themselves and lead a happier and more fulfilling life at work. Personality profiling also creates a universal language that helps people better understand each other and build stronger working relationships.

But in order for all this to work, personality profiles need to be understandable and relatable - and to provide that lightbulb moment of, “This is exactly like me!”

Facet5 was designed with this in mind. As well as being able to identify as ‘Low Will’ or ‘High Energy’, organisations can also leverage the Facet5 SpotLight report to heighten people’s self-awareness.

What is Facet5 SpotLight?

SpotLight is a development-focused report based on Facet5. It provides individuals with a comprehensive summary of the strengths and risks of their personality profile, as well as the frustrations and challenges associated with their individual style.

  • Strengths - the positive and productive behaviours an individual does well and with little effort
  • Risks - the less appealing aspects of an individual’s style that show up when things aren’t going well (any strength can become a risk if taken to extremes)
  • Frustrations - the adverse reaction an individual may have to another person’s behaviour (e.g. a person with high Will may become more stubborn when working alongside another person with an equally high Will score)
  • Challenges - the potential development goals related to the individual’s risks and frustrations

SpotLight then takes these four elements and maps them onto a developmental framework covering five-work related domains:

Why use Facet5 SpotLight?

Self-awareness is pivotal to an individual’s development: what better way to approach development than with a strong understanding of your personal style and the attitudes, values and beliefs that drive it? This, together with an appreciation of how your behaviour might be perceived by others, provides a strong framework for any developmental exercise.

SpotLight can be used within personal development programmes, graduate or leadership programmes, individual coaching or group development solutions.

The purpose of the SpotLight report is to make people really think about the behaviours that are working well for them and those that are proving less effective.

Individuals can work through each of the five domains in turn and review the associated strengths, risks, frustrations and challenges in order to identify development goals and convert them into practical plans. 

Here are some examples:

SpotLight is suitable for all team members regardless of role or where they sit within the organisations - it's a useful tool for graduates, junior staff, middle management, senior staff and leaders alike.

Practical elements

Just like Facet5, the questionnaire is web-based and results are available in real-time for download and use. This makes it a really effective development solution for large groups of people.

To implement SpotLight in your organisation, you will need become a  Facet5 Accredited Practitioner. t-three host regular Facet5 Accreditation programmes in London - to find out more or to book on to the next course date, click the link below.

Learn more about becoming an accredited Facet 5 practitioner

In summary

SpotLight improves individual learning and development outcomes through heightened self-awareness and action planning. It provides simple explanations so that individuals can identify key development opportunities and convert them into practical plans that can be actioned right away. SpotLight makes personality insights meaningful and actionable.

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