Daniel Taylor January 30 2024

Facet5 and The Employee Lifecycle

Facet5 specialist Daniel Taylor introduces The Employee Lifecycle & how Facet5 can offer valuable information which leads to stronger team working...

I was asked the other day to think about what I would say to a client considering other ways of looking at personality profiles and why I would recommend Facet5 in particular. Having worked with Facet5 in depth for the past six years, I have seen how many clients have made use of the insight it provides in several ways and at various stages of an individual’s pathway through employment. One of the key observations I would make is that all of Facet5’s products are based on one thing alone - your core profile. What this actually means is that any individual only needs to take the questionnaire once and the resulting profile can be used across many different stages of the employee lifecycle. One hundred and six questions, taken only once, can unlock so many possibilities.

Facet5 describes the employee lifecycle in nine stages, beginning with selection and ending with exit when you move on to your next employer. At each stage of this cycle, Facet5 can offer valuable information which leads to deeper self-awareness, stronger team working, and increased understanding of colleagues around your business.

Selection and Integration: Audition

Audition is a process that helps organisations quickly understand potential new hires to their business. By understanding the range of desirable behaviours required for a role, Audition quickly highlights how a candidate might be more or less similar to what is needed and provides an easy-to-use interview guide that gets to the heart of what drives their behaviour. In learning more about potential strengths and challenge areas, an interviewer can quickly find out which questions to ask and where to probe & enquire. This leads to a greater understanding of any candidates coming into their organization, facilitating better conversations about onboarding and development.

Teamwork and Collaboration: TeamScape

Key to an individual’s success within an organisation is their ability to work in teams, form trusting relationships with their colleagues and make the most of each others’ potential. Facet5’s TeamScape report gathers profiles together in one place and provides information on their key strengths in the team, how they might manage disputes, and other areas of similarity or difference. Facilitating conversations with teams on how they can understand each other to create stronger cohesion and better achieve their goals which overall leads to stronger organizational performance.

Leadership and Talent: Leading Edge and Spotlight

Learning more about our own strengths and risk areas is crucial in understanding the shadow we cast as leaders; great leadership development starts with self-awareness and the Facet5 profile accompanied by an in-depth 1:1 debrief is a perfect introduction. Conversations and coaching around how to best engage with our people help to forge stronger engagement and working relationships. The Leading Edge profile report and Spotlight are simple ways of getting to know who we are and how to best manage ourselves.

We have worked with many clients over the years who have used Facet5’s questionnaire to unlock the potential of their people across all stages of the employee lifecycle.

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