Will Brown November 14 2023

Unlocking Innovation: How embracing diversity drives business success

Imagine if embracing diversity could supercharge your company's financial engine—well, it can! Mckinsey found that diverse companies outperformed their less diverse peers by a staggering 36% in terms of profitability. While these figures are indeed compelling, it's the humanistic perspective of diversity that truly warrants attention. Beyond the balance sheets and shareholder returns lies the fundamental value of belonging. Diversity is not just about enhancing performance metrics; it's about fostering an environment where all feel valued. Simply put; diversity is what we measure, inclusion is the behaviour we nurture, and belonging is the feeling we strive to create for everyone.

As experts in DE&I, I wanted to turn the spotlight inward to understand what diversity truly means to the people within our organisation:

“Welcoming and appreciating that difference between us”

Delzerine Duberry (Graduate)

“Diversity for me means not just accommodating, but actually celebrating people’s differences; creating a culture where people feel able to be their authentic selves and an environment in which everyone is supported to achieve their maximum potential at work.” 

Lisa Clark (Partner)

Dive into this blog where we unravel the true essence of diversity in teams, explore key personality tools that highlight diversity, and finally, unveil the pivotal role leaders play in nurturing a culture rich in diversity.

De-mystifying diversity in teams: 

Diversity should not be understood as mere demographic tick-boxes; rather, it needs to be considered through the lens of bringing together a rich palette of cognitive and experiential differences. These, while invisible, are potent drivers of innovation and creativity.

However, diversity can also present challenges. A clash of personalities and behavioural styles can affect a team’s ability to deliver results. It is here that the Facet5 Teamscape tool emerges as a game-changer for organisations seeking to harness the full spectrum of their team’s potential.

The tool combines multiple Facet5 personality profiles for team development purposes. It graphically demonstrates team dynamics powerfully and succinctly, showing the culture of the team, how relationships are likely to work, and how work will likely be managed and delivered.

SAMPLE teamscape

Imagine a scenario where a team is creating a business plan. Success depends on the diligent consideration of all variables. Here, the Teamscape tool can highlight those with perspectives different from your own, ensuring varied viewpoints are not just heard but actively sought.

In this environment, teams that acknowledge and embrace these diverse insights can foster transformative business change and innovation. They amplify their experiential differences, transforming teamwork into an art form and enabling collective excellence that outpaces the competition. It touches upon Delzerine’s appreciation of differences and Lisa’s celebration of individuality that catalyse ground-breaking ideas.

Inclusive Leadership: Guiding diversity to flourish

Inclusive leadership is the keystone in the arch of diversity; it supports and upholds the structure, allowing the power of diversity to flourish. Leaders in such environments do more than just manage—they inspire, challenge, and drive individuals to bring forth their unique perspectives.

It isn’t just about avoiding groupthink; it's about each member contributing their unique piece to the puzzle, creating a complete picture that’s far greater than the sum of it’s parts. Creating a culture where every voice feels valued, so that leaders can harness this spark to ignite innovation and creativity.

Recognising the value of tools like Facet5 Teamscape, enables leaders to be adept at channelling the contrasting ideas of their diverse team, and weaving them into a coherent strategy that propels the organisation forward.


Diversity isn't an abstract ideal; it's a tangible asset. It's time we fully embrace it with the tools and insights that bring out the best in teams. Don’t just join the conversation about diversity — lead it.

“When we have teams with different ways of thinking and points of view, it boosts problem solving, increases creativity… ultimately everyone is more productive and motivated. Our differences need to be celebrated more.”

- Laura Whitworth (Client Director)


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