Emily Marsh February 6 2020

The Neurobiology of Successful Behaviour Change Event

We take a look at t-three's first event of 2020, the Neurobiology of Successful Behaviour Change, which included speakers Dr. Kenneth Nowack, Jill Jenkinson and Lisa Maciver.

Last week we held an interactive morning of learning for L&D and HR professionals in the Stanley Building, King’s Cross. A continuation of the content we have been creating focused on blended learning, the aim of the morning was to look at the elements necessary for creating sustainable behaviour change, and how blended learning can help to deliver these.

Being able to truly embed behavioural change is perhaps the most important element of any learning and development intervention – this is what results in a tangible, noticeable difference to your organisation.

What would you change?

Jill Jenkinson, t-three CEO, opened the morning by asking delegates a question: given a magic wand, what’s the one thing you would change within your organisation?

Not only did this encourage some lively conversation amongst our tables, it also established the fact that the key to achieving the majority of the ‘wishes’ was behavioural change, whether from one individual or many.

Following this, delegates heard from Dr. Kenneth Nowack, licensed psychologist and Chief Research Officer of Envisia Learning. Dr. Nowack looked at the neuroscience of habit and behaviour change, delving into the science that explains what motivates us, how we learn and, most importantly, how we sustain new behaviours. He also looked at hacks to help us make the most of the two systems in our brain – or as he refers them, the ‘Will’ and the ‘Way.’ These hacks looked primarily at motivation and habit formation – how to start new habits, and how to maintain them with scientifically proven practices. This meant that delegates received tips that they could take straight back into their day jobs to enhance their own learning, as well as the learning of those around them. 

An award-winning case study

Next up was Lisa Maciver, Leadership Development Specialist at Sainsbury’s. Lisa was a part of the team that created and delivered the Sainsbury’s Trainee Manager programme alongside t-three in 2019, a programme that has gone on to win not one, but two industry awards. Lisa spoke at length about the context behind the creation of the programme, the structure of the intervention, and the results they have experienced so far. She went on to explain the role of blended learning within the programme – how it made the content more accessible to the learners, and how it brought together many elements of the programme, such as pre-assessments, micro-learning, goal setting and feedback, all in one easily understandable dashboard. Finally, Lisa went on to talk about how this programme fits into the full suite of training that Sainsbury’s offers their leaders, with each programme tailored to address the seniority of the attendees, as well as the sort of working environment they experience on an everyday basis. Each one of these programmes includes blended learning – there are face to face elements, personality profiling and feedback tools, as well as micro-learning and goal setting delivered via an online platform. Lisa was then able to answer a number of questions from delegates keen to know about the challenges and triumphs experienced throughout the implementation of such a ground-breaking programme.

Finally, Jill wrapped up the morning with an interactive session where delegates were encouraged to think about how they could take what they had learned during the morning back to their day jobs – how would the identity of their organisation help - or hinder – long term behaviour change? To what extent did they need to delve into the problems that they were facing, or did they need to move on to creating solutions? This helped to translate the theory of the morning into some actionable, tangible ideas to get started on.

Feedback from the event has been fantastic, with delegates calling it ‘thought provoking,’ ‘informative’ and ‘engaging.’ If you’d like to experience the next event first-hand, sign up now via the form here and we’ll keep you up to date with all of our new content and events. We hope to meet you at another event soon!


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