Kate Forrest February 23 2022

Pressing Pause - Leading Hybrid

Kate Forrest discusses the beginning of our research into stopping, pausing & reflecting, and an opportunity to complete our first poll, sharing views and experiences of hybrid leadership.

We are well into our time of Pausing and Reflecting – taking a deep breath and looking around to notice what has happened over the past two years and what we can do with that insight to build the future that we want. And we are doing this work in conjunction with our clients by way of a Research Forum to gather and make sense of people’s working experiences. 

As expected, our conversations so far have been interesting and challenging to find out the big issues that everyone is grappling with.  We’ve posed these conversation outputs as questions:

How does one lead in this new world?

Where did all the time go?

Where did all the people go?

These ‘grapple’ questions are sparking a lot of discussion in our organisation and we’re keen to find out how you are experiencing work at the moment and how that is aligned or divergent from our own observations and experiences.  So we have pulled together some questions that will help, and we will launch a short poll each week over the next five weeks to find out more.  They will take less than one minute to complete.

Our first poll is all about connecting with others.


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