Emily Marsh March 3 2023

Leadership Frameworks

In this blog, we discuss how Leadership Frameworks can help empower your organisation to define success, assess and accelerate leaders more effectively...

The task of identifying, assessing, and developing the talent within your business is never an easy one, but the key to the success of this endeavor is knowing what good looks like. Without a defined set of measurements that are relevant and appropriate to your organisation, your people will not know what is expected of them and you will struggle to assess and develop your leaders and key talent.

More often than not, updating or even creating a framework in the first place can be a lengthy process involving many stakeholders, and even more questions: How often does this need to be revisited? How do we decide what the key leadership capabilities are for our organisation? And once we’ve created it, what do we call it?

We can perform an audit of your existing framework, using our proven ‘Future of Leadership’ research to ensure that it effectively defines what great looks like both now and in the future, and gives you clear parameters against which to measure your people. We’ll help you to answer three key questions:

- What behaviours are important for your leaders?

- What future behaviours are you currently missing?

- How can you embed and set the standard for great leadership moving forward?

We now know – especially after the last four years - that the leadership capabilities that have brought you success in the past aren’t necessarily what will be most important in the future, and so we can work with you to bring your measurements up to date to support your leaders moving forwards.

By refining your framework and ensuring it is fit for purpose, you will empower your organisation to define success, assess and accelerate leaders more effectively. With the right leaders in place, you will be better placed to drive organisational success and deliver against your future strategy.

To find out more, and to explore how we might go about delivering this for your organisation, please get in touch sayhello@t-three.co.uk

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