Sam Cooper February 11 2022

Facet5 helped me understand me...

Sam Cooper explores how facets of his personality were revealed, events from the past arose unbiddenly and he was afforded a bird’s eye view of time.

As part of my induction into the t-three tribe, I was asked to complete a Facet 5 psychometric questionnaire.

The premise is that a deeper understanding of ourselves and others allows for a more conscious and pragmatic approach to relationships. Having suffered (and contributed to) my fair share of decidedly impractical relationships, I was an intrigued and willing participant.

I was however somewhat cynical; what could a standard framework reveal about an individual as dramatically interesting and unique as I? A significant amount it turns out. What my Facet 5 profile revealed is that my family profile is a supporter. A supporter can be expected to:

  • Be tolerant and easy-going 
  • Be sympathetic and helpful
  • Seek harmony and understanding
  • Be manipulated by more pragmatic people
  • Be naive in what they expect from others 

My feedback session with Jen (one of our consultants) was like therapy. As facets of my personality were explained and talked through with me, events from the past arose unbiddenly and I was afforded a bird’s eye view of time. Removed from the emotion of a moment I was able to see how my (disappointingly predictable) personality had brought me to specific incidents; shaped my responses and informed my subsequent direction of travel. 

One such incident merits further exploration... 

In a previous life, I founded a business with two close friends. That time was full of adventure, hope, and achievement but sadly we ended on poor terms. One key moment that had an impact beyond my association with the business was a stupid and avoidable row in a field. I lost my temper and at the time felt justified in my aggression; I’d been disrespected and taken for granted once too often and it was time to bare my teeth. 

A Facet5 report explores the nuances of your personal approach and outlines associated strengths and risks. In my case, it accurately described the root cause of the row. My laid-back approach and willingness to accommodate hide my own strong opinions and beliefs. I tend to go with the flow and let annoyances slide, which can lead to a build-up of resentment without others knowing. 

For a long stretch, I felt let down, confused, and hurt by how poorly things turned out. Now I see that it was both obvious and avoidable. I let people communicate with me in a way I found unacceptable for the sake of harmony. I followed paths that I had no hand in laying. I allowed a culture to form that didn’t work for me. 

Facet 5 is an extremely powerful tool, especially in an environment that relies on teamwork and communication. It provides people with deep insights into themselves and their colleagues which in turn prompts constructive conversations. It helps people to focus on adjusting their approach and expectations in the pursuit of effective relationships. Prevention is better than cure!

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