Emily Marsh December 8 2022

Highlights from our Connect Event

An insight into our key takeaways from our 'Connect' event where we were joined by talented people professionals...

On December 6th t-three and Kiddy & Partners held a brand new event entitled 'Connect' in Central London. This was our first large face-to-face event since early 2020, and it was fantastic to have a room full of talented people professionals together once more! The premise of the event was to think about the importance of connection within organisations, and how great the impact can be when this is achieved successfully.

The morning started with a talk from t-three and Kiddy & Partners CEO, Jill Jenkinson. Jill spoke about the various ways in which organisations can benefit from strengthening the connections in their business; this might be connection within teams, connection to behavioural frameworks, or connection to organisational values. Jill also spoke about the importance of tailoring these connections to the style and context of your organisation, reinforcing the fact that this cannot be a one-size-fits-all approach. The delegates then had the opportunity to network with their peers on the discussion point of connection, namely, where would they rank their organisation on a scale of 10, if 1 means there are limited connections and 10 means all areas of the business are highly connected?

They then had time to discuss how they might go about improving this score, and highlighted some of the frequent obstacles to improving connection within their businesses, some of which were:

- A lack of psychological safety

- Leaders not valuing personal connection 

- A will to change being diminished by a lack of action 

- A disregard for employee wellbeing, therefore preventing deeper connections 

- Needing to adopt a radical and therefore potentially riskier approach 

- Delivering what leaders think employees want in terms of connection, without necessarily engaging with and asking them first  

This interactive session was then followed by case studies from two of our clients which both talked about successful development programmes that had centered around connectivity. One looked at a 360 feedback programme, and the other, an award-winning programme delivered in partnership with Mitie, focussed on driving inclusivity.

We had some great feedback from delegates on the day, and we're hoping to bring you more insightful sessions, both in person and virtual, throughout 2023. Make sure you follow both t-three and Kiddy & Partners on Linkedin, and that you're signed up to our mailing list, to keep up to date as these events are announced.



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