Anthony Walker November 10 2022

Leadership Self-Assessment: a simple nudge

t-three Director, Anthony Walker, explores how a simple nudge can help motivate you to improve your performance...

I don’t know about you, but I find data as a super helpful tool to provoke myself to improve; and when it comes to my own leadership development, I need a motivating reason to adopt a new behaviour.

Being ridiculously competitive (ashamed to say I would ‘accidentally’ knock over the monopoly board if I was losing as an 8-year-old) the data I get from apps like Strava provoke me to push myself that little bit harder during my next run.

Nowadays, thousands of popular applications are designed to help users improve their lives through behavioural adjustment, but often, in the corporate world, where behaviour change is one of our most pressing priorities, we are yet to see many simple self-assessment applications which provide us with the same sort of data that we are motivated to act upon.   

Kotter back in 1996 talked about the importance of honest and humble self-reflection as one of the critical mental habits of lifelong learning. Today organisations are calling upon colleagues more than ever to take control of their own development and nurture a growth mindset. Yes, we have 360 degree feedback, assessment centres, executive coaching which are all great at increasing self-awareness and performance if done well.

However, sometimes all we need is a short sharp simple nudge, to remind ourselves about what we are pretty good at, and areas where we are actively motivated to improve our performance.

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