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How to accelerate team development with Facet5 TeamScape

July 25, 2018

Great teams are fundamental to successful organisations. But great teams don’t just happen. They need to be worked on.

You may have a group of people who are all highly successful at what they do, but that doesn’t automatically make them a great team. A clash of personalities and behavioural styles can challenge a team’s ability to deliver successful outcomes.

If you’re already using Facet5 in your organisation, you’ll be well aware of how important it is for people to understand their own behavioural style - and how this might impact others - as well as the behaviour of those they work with. Knowing how to leverage the different behavioural styles helps teams to deliver complex work projects, resolve conflict, engage stakeholders and manage stress so that they can deliver outcomes more effectively.

Facet5 helps your employees to understand their strengths and potential weaknesses, and this self-awareness can have a powerful impact on their individual performance. But at a team-level, it's the TeamScape extension of the Facet5 tool that is the key to building and shaping high-performing teams.

We take a look at what Facet5's TeamScape product is all about, and how it can help you to enhance the effectiveness of your teams.

What is TeamScape?

TeamScape is a process that uses Facet5 personality profiles combined together for team development purposes. It demonstrates team dynamics powerfully and succinctly and clearly shows the culture of the team, how relationships are likely to work, and how the work will be managed and delivered.

The Facet5 behavioural profiles are combined with what is referred to as a work cycle methodology to bring to life the dynamics within a team. It allows for a meaningful comparison of team members on how they go about:

  • Generating ideas - How will they generate options and alternatives to a problem or opportunity?

This is determined by how individuals in the team score on the Affection facet.

  • Evaluation - How will they evaluate those ideas? Will they encourage a new approach or play it safe to avoid risk?

This is determined by how individuals in the team score on the Control facet.

  • Decision Making - How will they make decisions? Will they decide quickly and take charge or approach it carefully and take their time?

This is determined by how individuals in the team score on the Will facet.

  • Implementation - How will they go about implementing the decisions? Will they jump in and learn through trial and error or create a plan and take a considered approach?

This is determined by how individuals in the team score on the Energy facet.

TeamScape also provides insights on a team’s likelihood to under-react or over-react to stress and pressure, as well as how they are likely to respond to discord and conflict.

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How does it work?

The first step is for each team member to complete a Facet5 personality profile. This data is then aggregated into a TeamScape project using the online workbench available to accredited Facet5 practitioners. This allows for easy analysis of the work cycles of the team, which culminates in a report mapping all team members against each other on each of the four areas (Generating ideas, Evaluation, Decision Making and Implementation).

Accredited practitioners have access to extensive online resources, designed to support any team based intervention, including team development workshop outlines and exercises.

You can access a sample TeamScape report directly from Facet5 here.

When should you use it?

TeamScape helps organisations when:

  • Forming new or reforming teams
  • Supporting teams through change
  • Integrating new team members
  • Building relationships across business areas
  • Strengthening team performance
  • Reaching agreements and resolving disputes
  • Strengthening individual relationships and understanding
  • Working through issues or barriers to team performance
  • Identifying the culture of the team and its strengths

TeamScape provides a snapshot of the behavioural profiles and preferences of each member of a team relative to the whole group.

It offers critical insights for how the individuals in the team are likely to work together, their collective strengths, and the challenges they could face; therefore providing a springboard for building more effective teams.Beyond the Personality Test

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