We’re t-three

We're part of the Gateley group

What is the Gateley group?

Gateley are a legal and professional services group employing over 1000 colleagues from 10 offices. They have developed a core legal business to provide its clients with a wide spectrum of professional advice, and in 2018, they added people related professional services into their offering with the acquisition of leadership assessment specialists Kiddy & Partners.

t-three made the decision to join Gateley in 2019 because our businesses share very similar values: being straight talking, client focused and and ambitious for success.
what is the t-three group

Who are Gateley?

Passionate problem solvers, Gateley get their kicks from finding the right answers and getting their clients where they need to be. Their diverse team is made up of experts in all areas of law and business. But it's about more than just their expertise. It's about being straight talking. They deliver this advice in simple, clear, everyday language, so you spend less time decoding jargon and more time focusing on what's important to you.

what is the t-three group

Who are Kiddy & Partners?

Kiddy & Partners help businesses assess and accelerate the right leaders for their tomorrow. In the 21st century authentic, empowering and purposeful leadership matters more than ever. We are driven by the profound positive impact we can achieve for individuals, teams and organisations. Using the latest insights from behavioural science, we unblock your talent pipeline using our flexible framework that we configure to your context, priorities and budget.

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