Anthony Walker August 27 2021

Working in new ways

t-three Director, Anthony Walker, discusses how we need new tools for our new way of working.

Over the years we have had many conversations with new clients about how disappointed they are by the results of previous transformation programmes, they have implemented in their organisations; they haven’t delivered the results they promised, and their leaders are still behaving as they always have.

For the benefit of the business, colleagues aren’t changing their behaviours fast enough, they aren’t retaining what they’ve heard or learnt, and the desired impact is either not being seen at all or is not being embedded in the long term.

The trouble is, when asking colleagues to work in new ways and adopt new behaviours you can’t expect them to be able to do this effectively, consistently, or confidently after communication initiatives or training sessions. Habits take time and practice. Plus, when colleagues are back in the working environment, it becomes harder for them to make these new behaviours and ways of working stick - and when it comes to leading successful transformational agendas, stickiness is what counts.

To achieve real sustained transformation our Provoke, Plant and Practice model forms the foundation of our approach in supporting people to work in targeted new ways.

  1. Provoke individuals and teams, so they have a strong compelling reason to adopt the targeted behaviours which supports your targeted transformation.

  2. Through highly engaging interactive sessions you need to Plant  practical alternatives to current behaviours, ensuring every individual is highly motivated to adopt and apply.

  3. Finally, it is important to support individuals and teams to Practice the targeted behaviours against real-time workplace challenges.


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