Jill Jenkinson February 10 2021

Think Apprenticeship - Think Differently

In this blog from t-three Chief Executive Jill Jenkinson, we look at the benefits of apprenticeship programmes and announce t-three's intention to lauch an apprenticeship solution.

So, its National Apprenticeship week and what better time to really bust some old, out of date assumptions about apprenticeships and bring a new prospective to the opportunities they provide.

So what are those common misconceptions?

    1. Apprenticeships are for people who do not do well at school

    2. They are only relevant for manual industries and job roles

    3. They are 'lesser' qualifications

    4. They only apply to young people, or people entering jobs

So, if we were approaching this with our assumption busting tool in hand, we would challenge these statements and look at the evidence; the multitude and diversity of apprenticeship standards, the numbers of people who are benefiting from these schemes who do not fit within these categories. Many in fact are first time or even more experienced managers, high potential leaders, or in specialist roles. They all work in many sectors and industries. The evidence stacks up and is pretty indisputable.

So maybe now is the perfect time to think differently and explore how apprenticeships could be part of how you grow and develop your people,

The opportunities are there – For levy paying employers, apprenticeships could be a way to extend and deepen leadership skills, support your highest potential staff, provide a consistent route to progression – a routed line of sight.

So, this week seems like the perfect time to challenge assumptions, think differently, and widen your perspectives on the role and value of apprenticeships. We absolutely believe you can “apprenticecise” behavioural change, using your levy to do so.

If you want company exploring those questions or challenging some assumptions in the context of your organisation, let us know.

For further information around apprenticeship, please contact us at sayhello@t-three.com

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