Emily Marsh October 2 2018

The power of feedback

An introduction to our Power of Feedback campaign which launches this month, and involves a whole host of experts explaining how truly honest and open feedback can help to sustain and accelerate behavioural change within your organisation.

We all know that feedback is an important part of any individual’s development, and a great indicator of how you are perceived by your colleagues. It can help to reinforce and encourage your strengths, and to highlight areas that need some work. In a perfect world, feedback is gratefully received by an individual, who feels empowered, self-aware and motivated to work to improve their weaknesses.

This is rarely the case. Individuals often feel offended, hurt, or simply bewildered by the information they receive. To make matters worse, feedback is often anonymous, leading to hours of guesswork in order to decipher which comment was made by whom.

We know there is a better way to deliver feedback – we’ve done it ourselves, with many of our clients. We also know that there is a complex science behind making this work, and over the coming weeks we’re going to share with you views from the experts in these areas. We’ll be documenting the neurobiology behind feedback, the issues that arise from delivering feedback to those in power, and the real-life experiences of those that have seen honest and open feedback work wonders within their own organisations.

We’re passionate about this topic because we know that when feedback works, it works really well. Keep following for expert advice on the best ways to deliver feedback in a positive and productive way, and to understand the benefits that this successful implementation can have for your organization.

 In the meantime, do take a look at our website for further details on Truth Teller, our own non-anonymised 360 tool. If you're interested, there is a fantastic video from Alexandra Bode-Tunji, HR Program Lead at Transport for London, speaking about the way they utilised Truth Teller as part of their award-winning transformation programme.

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