Samantha Woolven August 25 2021

People are data too - why you should use people analytics to shape your transformation agenda

Samantha Woolven discusses how we believe that you can use people data to inform, shape, track, and course correct the progress that you’re making when it comes to your transformation agenda.

There is the age-old adage of what you don't measure doesn't get done.

At t-three, we know that it is your people and behaviour change that makes business transformation happen. Without the people, it's just a beautifully slick process or a whizzy new system and there's nobody there to do any of the doing.

We believe that you can use people data to inform, shape, track, and course correct the progress that you’re making when it comes to your transformation agenda.

Currently, businesses mostly use people analytics to track performance. But what if we were to also use them to track the benefits realisation, or ROI of your transformation agenda as well. Data is simply an indication of what's really going on. So thinking about the transformation you want to achieve, what is it that you really need and want to know? How can you make your insights into what’s really going on on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis? And how can we make data collection a habit?

With People Analytics, you get to understand the realities of your ways of working, your values, your leadership behaviours, and your expectations of each other. If you collect and use data around these, you will then be able to bring those to the forefront, creating a collective assessment of ‘yes, this is great and we're on track,’ or, ‘no, something doesn't feel quite right,’ knowing which one is true enables you, and your people, to move on and building upon what’s right and moving away from that which feels not right.

In a world where many of us are moving to squad formations, tribes, chapters, and scrum methodology, there are changes to the “usual” ways of working going on all around. Why would you not add in more data here to track how well you are all working together in these new formations? The people data allows you as the leader and the business to get a collective, real-time temperature check of how the business is “feeling” right now. That “feeling” will allow you to course-correct and grow as you learn.

Sustainable business is another of the hot leadership topics right now. People data is critical to building a true picture of your culture now - how sustainable are your working practices, will this culture sustain you into your future, what works really well and what needs to adapt or be dropped? Sustainability is also about a balance between productivity and the wellbeing of the people who need to produce all your “stuff."

Over the last couple of years, where many of us have been isolated and apart, now more than ever, it is important to have the data to back up your business decisions. This data creates a greater sense of logic, psychological safety, and allows businesses to adapt and evolve to continually changing environments.

With people data, you can shape your transformation by creating more opportunities for your people to shape your culture. Working from benchmarks will help you to be explicit in what it is that you need and want from people, so they are able to deliver it and deliver it well.

A people-led and sustainable business that uses real-time data to inform decision making creates a virtuous circle where if we look after one another, we look after the business too.

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