Jill Jenkinson January 8 2021

New year and re-invention

t-three CEO Jill Jenkinson writes about the how we can use the start of 2021 to re-imagine ourselves and our organisations.

How many of us have used the Christmas break to reflect on the year behind and to try and look forward, find sense and create meaning?

One word we are all using is resilience; we need it, do we have it, and do our organisations have it?

The definition of resilience as we often us it is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties, or toughness. However, the original definition is ‘the ability of a substance or object to spring back into its original shape.’

So actually, how many of us are contemplating reverting back to what we were, be that working in an office, behind our own desk or be it with the same ways of making decisions, leading our people and delivering our results.

2021 could be a time of re-invention rather than reversion back to what was. This could start with some seemingly simple questions:

  • What are we here 'to cause' today as an organisation?
  • What identity would we assume to do that?
  • How would that translate into our live or die / make or break?
  • What behaviours would we need to see every day, and in everyone to create the culture that would support our cause?

Before January disappears and we are into 2021 with memories fading, now might be the time to re-invent, whether that’s wholescale or targeted. Madonna has done it year after year… why not you?

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