Laura Whitworth October 5 2022

Mitie - Diversity & Inclusion

In this blog, we look at our award-winning programme that helped Mitie’s company culture to thrive...

Mitie are the largest facilities management employer in the UK with 75,000 colleagues, including 65,000 frontline heroes, across 167 different nationalities. 

Mitie knows that their diversity makes them stronger. The Group planned to make further improvements to the way Mitie hires, develops, listens to and rewards its colleagues. Previously Mitie had provided traditional e-learning on unconscious bias and diversity.

However, we at t-three wanted to move them away from a tick box activity. We wanted to create a mindful journey towards inclusion, and create long-term sustainable change through a road map of continuous learning activities that support teams across the business.

We designed and delivered a culture change initiative called “Count Me In” to provoke thinking, encourage conversation, and ensure that all colleagues felt heard, included and comfortable to bring their true selves to work.

The Results

  • Over 40,000 employees engaged with some or all of the learning activities
  • Average NPS across all activities is 99%
  • Over 106 colleagues have personally featured in the online content
  • The employee engagement survey shows that Diversity and Inclusion related results have increased by +11%

As well as winning four awards for this initiative, Mitie has been recognised as one of the UK’s Top Employers in 2022. A key highlight of Mitie’s entry was our “Count Me In” programme. The programme was also selected by the Top Employers Institute for use in its Best Practice Report in 2022, which showcases exemplary diversity and inclusion practices.

t-three Client Director Laura Whitworth said “With this initiative, we are helping Mitie’s company culture to thrive. We believe that building an inclusive environment simply makes sense. Our clients know that diverse teams do better thinking. And we know that colleagues will be at their best when they feel they belong. We are so proud to have designed and delivered this award-winning programme.”

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