Laura Bradshaw October 11 2022

Business Culture Awards - Judges' Comments

t-three are delighted that our partnership with EDF & OPG has been recognised for the amazing work we have done together and in this blog, we highlight our incredible judges' comments...

This month, we are pleased to announce that we won two Business Culture Awards; Best Learning Initiative and Best International Initiative. T-three is also the Highly Recommended Consultancy of the Year!

In a time of change and challenge, and the question of how we best create a positive and productive workplace culture in our new ways of working, we're delighted that our partnership with EDF & OPG has been recognised for the amazing work we have done together.

The aim of the t-three initiative was to create sustainable behaviour change and improve the emotional intelligence skills of department heads, directors, and those considered high-potential candidates for advancement to more senior roles within their organisation. World Association of Nuclear Operations’ research was used in order to identify the key areas of focus to help create high trust and inclusive cultures.

We received great comments from the stellar judging panel this year and here are a few highlights...

Comments on the Winning Learning Entry:  

"Ambitious programme clearly focused on helping leaders to drive culture change while also helping them to explore and live culture change. Enjoyed the innovative mix of design and delivery elements. To have this level of impact in an industry often resistant to such initiatives is highly impressive." 

"This is an excellent example of implementing a learning intervention that directly impacts the needs of a complex system. I really liked the hybrid approach to delivery and the need to reflect cultures and learning styles - this is very impressive."

"An inspiring example of learning and development transforming leadership culture. No mean feat to change behaviours in this industry but so very relevant."

Comments on the Winning International Entry:

"Reading the entry paper, it seems to me that this has been a successful leadership development program, where state of art thinking has guided the program design - well done."

"Interesting cross-organisational and multi-cultural initiative to address sectoral leadership skills and requirements. Careful consideration given to cultural differences, different learning styles and environmental pressures. Valid metrics that demonstrate positive outcomes. A powerful and potentially industry-changing initiative."      

"An example of truly working across international boundaries."     

"Loved the pace with which this programme was delivered. Excellent stakeholder engagement with WANO, great growth mindset including your high potentials in the programme."

Comments on the Consultancy of the Year Entry:

"This submission was a top choice for me. So refreshing to see this take on the need for a culture shift that is so high on the agenda in 2022." 

"Credit goes to Mitie and T-Three for this intensive effort in significantly improving the DEI focus and commitment across such a large organisation. A clear approach with excellent results, but worked because of the trust and relationships built between the two businesses. Well done!"

"I was so impressed with the diversity of activities and engagement opportunities to get people thinking and talking in an immersive way. A pleasure to read - thank you."



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