Daniel Taylor February 24 2023

Facet5 User Groups

Join us for our three-part limited series of user groups for Facet5 practitioners where we will focus on getting the most out of using the Facet5 products with Facet5 specialist Daniel Taylor and Managing Director of Facet5 Global, Grant Gemmell...

Exciting times! I have just been planning our three-part limited series of Facet5 User Groups, with our wonderful t-three marketing team, and the Managing Director of Facet5 Global, Grant Gemmell. So, as a (slightly) shameless plug I wanted to update everyone on why we think it’s a good idea to bring practitioners together and get people talking.

The Facet5 products align very neatly with what we refer to as The Employee Lifecycle. By this, we mean that whatever stage you are at, in an organisation there will be a product that suits you; this made us come up with three key themes for our user group discussions…

Our first session will focus on the value of the debrief and what it brings to the process of developing self-awareness. We will start at the very beginning and discuss how to maximise impact through the use of challenging questions using a coaching style, covering areas such as making the most of midrange and how to pull out interesting combinations. As well as offering our suggestions, we are more interested in hearing from you.

The key challenge we would like to address is, once somebody has had their 1:1 what can we do to ensure it converts into sustainable action? Many profiles are fed back on the basis of forthcoming leadership programmes, coaching, or TeamScape sessions but what can participants do maximise the impact of the 1:1 session and turn their profile into self-awareness?

As well as the foundation report, we will also be focusing on myFacet5. One of the things we have been keen to address in recent years is the security of data, the movement towards less and less printed materials, alongside the need to provide more detail around the individual’s Facet5 report. myFacet5 provides a safe domain online where you can access your profile securely. Not only this, but it also contains newly authored material on your own profile, your strength and stretch areas and you can EVEN share and compare others’ profiles with yours – safely and securely.

At the first session, we will show you how you and your clients can access this and get the most from myFacet5, it's the future!!

So, if this doesn’t whet your appetite then you can also look forward to our second and third sessions where we will be exploring how Facet5 can improve our working relationships by looking at TeamScape and the lesser known Affinity Profile. Our third session will focus on leading and managing, looking at using Facet5 to gain a better understanding of others’ drivers and motivators.

If you like the sound of any of this, please sign up and we look forward to hearing about your experiences!

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