Georgia Kouselas March 29 2023

How do you develop people using a leadership framework? What can you do with it?

Senior Consultant, Georgia Kouselas, explores how you can develop your people through the Leadership Framework...

It’s no secret that an organisation’s main priority is to succeed. They want to be profitable, capable of surviving chaotic times due to their adaptability to change, efficient and led by a strategy that is underpinned by a clear vision and strategy.

If you reflect on what differentiates organisations deemed to be successful from those that are not, in most cases (if not always) you will find they are led by efficient and effective leaders. These organisations tend to be guided by a leadership blueprint or framework that outlines the principles, skills and behaviours that need to be employed by leaders to achieve results, whilst also keeping people satisfied and engaged.

Now it’s all well and good to have a leadership framework, but what exactly can you do with it? Why should organisations invest a significant amount of money towards these sometimes overcomplicated frameworks? Well, apart from driving consistency and setting the standard in terms of behaviours, skills and knowledge individuals should exhibit to be successful, you can draw on the framework to develop your people through…

Workshops – Successful organisations draw upon their leadership frameworks to develop robust and fruitful workshops. For instance, if a key capability is around building and maintaining relationships, content can be developed focusing on how to perhaps develop soft skills and connect with others.

Training – It’s possible to use your leadership framework to set the tone in terms of what skill sets employees should be adept in. As such, training courses can be designed with a focus on specific gaps where people would benefit from enhancing their knowledge.

Coaching or mentoring – For the more senior members in the organisation that might be formal mentors or coaches, they can ensure their guidance and direction is led by the leadership framework.

Recruitment – What qualities and attributes are synonymous with being successful? By drawing upon your leadership framework you can design competency-based interview questions that focus on these key areas.

These are all important aspects necessary for people to succeed within an organisation. Using the leadership framework to underpin every intervention you design allows for a common language and ensures a level of consistency; people know what is expected of them and what behaviours need to be demonstrated in order to achieve results.


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