Daniel Taylor February 20 2024

Connecting to…My Career: Facet5’s Career Motivator Profile

Learn about Facet5's Career Motivator report with Facet5 specialist Daniel Taylor, and how it takes your own profile and matches it to seven career archetypes...

Ok, I'll admit it; I've got what you might call an 'Indiana Jones complex'. I love the movies, am not fond of snakes and I even have a similar hat in my wardrobe...  

…which is why I was particularly pleased when Facet5’s Career Motivator report told me my most likely career fit was ‘Adventurer’.  I like environments that allow me to invent things, be creative, and manage my own workload.  But I can only ever dream of being as cool as Harrison Ford.

And in case you were wondering whether that was just a clumsily constructed way of relating a Facet5 report to a popular cultural phenomenon, everything above is 100% true.  It is also perfectly grammatically acceptable to begin a sentence with ‘and’.

Facet5’s Career Motivator report takes your own profile and matches it to seven career archetypes, indicating which of them most closely aligns with your own preferences and interests. Based upon research by the Facet5 Global team who looked at models such as Edgar Schein’s Career Anchors, there are different styles of careers identified which people occupy and these can be aligned to and explained by preferences within their personality.  The outcome is that we can gain a better understanding of what we look for and what drives us in pursuing the jobs we do throughout our careers. It can also help conversations about career development with others, perhaps if I am a line manager or coach. 

Here are the seven career motivators:


So, if I think about the three qualities of an Adventurer I mentioned just now, I can see quite clearly how these might link to the characteristics in my profile and more importantly why I have found some roles and environments more stimulating than others.

Inventing things: I have done many roles in the past but when I reflect on those which have engaged me the most it is the jobs, or aspects of jobs, where I have been able to come up with something new or different.  Give me a problem and I love to build something to solve it. I welcome the opportunity to come up with ideas, as my report says.  

Being creative: I have recently learned much more about creativity and innovation. It fascinated me and I realised that creativity is about ideas that are both novel and useful. One thing I like to do is take ideas from one domain and move them to another. This never felt creative to me but I am happy to see it as such.

Managing my own workload: what’s really useful about this commentary is the understanding it gives to anybody who works with me. Even sharing my Outlook calendar makes me nervous; if I book a meeting myself, I can see I’ve done it and I know it’s there. If you book something in my diary I can’t see you’ve done it and I don’t know if it’s there!  Sort of. I’ve probably over-shared now, ironically.

My report is a useful way of interpreting my Facet5 profile in terms of what will energise and motivate me in my career. As with anything Facet5, all that’s required is your completed questionnaire and the profile can be available for you to download. You also don’t need to have had your personal profile fed back to you, making this the perfect accompaniment to development programmes and career conversations.

Now, where did I leave that bullwhip...

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