Jill Jenkinson December 16 2022

Is Christmas the time to connect to what is most important?

t-three CEO, Jill Jenkinson, discusses why the need to connect people to what is most important is equally critical and how 'Connect to...' can start those conversations...

Christmas, for many of us, is a time of inevitable reflection. It’s also a time when assumptions abound, which are not true or relevant for all.

- It's not always a time to connect to loved ones – sometimes people make different choices or have fewer available choices

- It's not always a season of goodwill – sometimes the reality is more associated with friction or strain.

Connecting means very different things to each of us but the value of reflection is in the very act, stopping and pausing to think about what is most important to us and how well our lives mirror those priorities

In the organisations we inhabit, the need to connect people to what is most important is equally critical. To create emotional proximity between what the organisation believes and holds true – and how employees align to that and feel and believe it too.

Organisations may describe this differently; their DNA, identity, values or drivers but whatever the language, it is an articulation of what they hold to be important and plays out in how people will behave and collectively create a corresponding culture.

At this time of year, and throughout the year, encouraging conversations and connection to that articulation brings it to life and keeps it front of mind, conversations and awareness. Building it into the fabric of your organisation, how you measure, reward, target and above all what you don’t tolerate is an essential component. To avoid the nice words, shame about the reality trap!

'Connect to' is a very simple tool to enable organisations to start and embed those conversations with each and every employee. It is not a static and one-way survey - although it does collect data, critically it also engages employees to reflect on a given topic, such as values, and asks them to consider the ways in which they impact them and how they are evidencing the relevant behaviours in their day to day interactions.

The report generated gives them a flavour of where and how well, and a forward incentive to do better. At an organisational level, it provides a collective view of engagement and practice and informs targeted interventions, be they about behaviour or widespread culture course correction.

'Connect to' starts the conversation and reflection with critical mass audiences in a highly practical way. It will be a tool to inform and progress connection in your employee population, not replacing but sitting alongside the one to one’s and human touch points that are important to us all.

At this time of year, more than any other we all want to be connected to what we decide is important to us, be that family or time out.

Enjoy however you choose to spend that time.

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