We deliver organisation-wide behavioural change

Organisations don't change, people do - usually one behaviour at a time

In a world which is changing so rapidly, businesses that are thriving are the ones who have the people and supporting culture to transform at speed.

At the root of any significant change is behaviour

The concept of behaviour change feels more relevant to the world of work now than it has ever done before. Against a backdrop of conflicting pressures, employee behaviours can mean the difference between success and failure for a business.

Focus is critical

For the last 22 years, t-three has done one thing really well; work across sectors, situations and countries to help our clients make the behavioural changes required to support the successful realisation of business strategy at all levels in the organisation. No-one makes change to the way they work unless they are given - or find - a compelling reason to do so.

Award-winning transformation

We delivered the largest transformation programme in a generation at London Underground

How we do it

We believe in creating lasting, sustainable change across an organisation, which we achieve with some of the following methods:

Truth Teller

Truth Teller

Safely give and receive truthful, attributable feedback

Group Engagement Events

Group Engagement Events

Memorable experiences tailored to your aims and your people

Leadership Sprints

Leadership Sprints

An innovative methodology which equips leaders for the challenge ahead

Blended Learning

Blended Learning

Designed to support sustained behavioural change back in the workplace

Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer

Transferring our skills, knowledge and design



Gain greater insight into the collective behaviour of your people

How we go about delivering results


Identifying a small set of non-negotiable behaviours

We work with organisations to define the non-negotiable behaviours that are essential for delivering corporate goals.


Creating a pull up your organisation

We harness the power of social influencers in an organisation, supporting them to instil desired behaviours through peer-to-peer influence.


Creating a leadership push down

We work alongside leaders so they are equipped to create the right environment; nurturing the desired culture and removing identified obstacles.


Embedding new behaviours throughout the organisation

We work closely with organisations to embed new behaviours in all HR functions, including recruitment, performance management and workforce planning.

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