Organisational dialogue

The performance of any organisation is improved one conversation at a time.

Why conversations matter

The ability to have great conversations is a core management competency. By enhancing the quality of the conversations happening in your organisation, you significantly improve performance, collaboration, teamwork, and engagement.

We equip individuals at all levels with conversational skills

Conversations are based on a distinct set of skills. The Five Super-Skills of Effective Conversations™ were developed by our partner The Right Conversation and are the core skills that underpin all conversations we have, both at work and at home.

  • Presence: Knowing how to ‘be there’ in a conversation.
  • Hyper-awareness: Understanding what drives people in a conversation.
  • Decoding: Knowing how to draw out what other people are really saying.
  • Voicing: Learning how to say what needs to be said.
  • Flow control: Controlling a conversation so it has a beginning, middle and end.

We combine expertise from The Right Conversation with a unique set of tools.

In order to improve the quality of conversations in organisations, we offer a unique and market-leading suite of online tools. These tools are combined with award-winning, face-to-face interventions based on cutting-edge research and delivered by experts. If you would like further details on what these interventions include, please do get in touch.

The Dialogue product range follows these stages in improving conversations:


Organisational audits to assess the current state of dialogue in your business.


Keynote sessions and communications which make the case for conversation and provoke leaders, managers, and employees to want to do things differently.


Our unique Facet5 Super-Skills Insights report shows how each of us is likely to show up in conversation against the Five Super-Skills of Effective Conversations™ based on our personality. 


Ongoing online support to apply the Five Super-Skills to the daily challenges that individuals face.


Conversational pulsing which provides a live online dashboard around how successfully each Super-Skill is being embedded within every area of the business.

In T-three we grow businesses by transforming people, understanding their personality, and boosting their performance

How good is your organisational dialogue?

Take our free Organisational Dialogue audit and discover the current strength of your organisational conversations and how they can be transformed.

In T-three we grow businesses by transforming people, understanding their personality, and boosting their performance

Facet5 Superskills™ Report

Look at the quality of conversations through the lens of personality.