Management development

We develop managers so they are highly effective in key management moments which matter.

We believe in transformation.

We unlock what most of us instinctively know about being a great manager. We do this with our innovative, practical methods of developing today’s cutting-edge managers.


What sets our programmes apart is our ability to get to the heart of what develops great managers. We don’t just tell managers how to be the best version of themselves. We support them to change their behaviours in a practical, sustainable way so they don’t return to their previous habits.


Robust theory is good, but it’s not good enough. It’s just a fraction of what’s needed to develop great managers. Our innovative approach deepens self-awareness, empowers managers to unlearn behavioural habits, reframes mental models, and provokes managers to try new approaches in everyday scenarios.

We focus on “Management Moments”

Our approach is more self-sustaining than traditional management training. We give managers the confidence to uncover what’s happening in their personal ‘Management Moment’, and what’s blocking their progress. We equip managers with the skills to analyse real-world situations, so they can always do the right thing in their day-to-day role.


Our approach has a more profound and long-lasting impact on managers than traditional methods do. We drill into the underlying cause of what’s blocking their growth, rather than simply talking about superficial symptoms. We truly diagnose for each and every individual before we prescribe!

We are an ILM-accredited centre

We can accredit organisations with management development programmes to ILM levels 3, 5, and 7. We don’t just dip in and out of your business. When it comes to development, we’re in it for the long-haul.
In T-three we grow businesses by transforming people, understanding their personality, and boosting their performance

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